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Skeuomorph no. 2 (2017)

Accordion and Computer - score

Skeuomorph no. 2 is one piece of a series of works for a variety of instrument/s and computer. A skeuomorph is an object that imitates the design of a similar artifact made from another material. Skeuomorphic design, particularly in graphical user interfaces, enables users to more easily interact with new technology by imitating familiar physical objects. The series of Skeuomorph pieces considers musical elements such as clear rhythmic pulse and moments of tonality skeuomorphically in order to invite the listener to newer and unfamiliar sound worlds.

Seeds of Asperity (2016)

Accordion and Computer - score

An asperity is an area on a fault that is stuck and is usually the location where an earthquake begins. Asperity can also mean a roughness of sound or surface. In this piece, the accordion’s microtonal idiosyncrasies and its unique ability to create difference tones and beating effects are exploited, fracturing notes and intervals in increasingly perceptible ways.

Skeuomorph no. 1 (2015)

Flute, Tenor Saxophone, and Computer

Commissioned by AVIDduo

Slapbox (2013)

Accordion and Computer - score

A Thread Unwound (2012)

alto flute and computer performer 

Commissioned by Duo Interaktiv

Remnant (2009)

2-channel Fixed Audio

Giving Sound to the Seeing (2009) 

2-channel Fixed Audio, Video, and Braille Box - documentation

Parallel Recollections (2008)

Euphonium and 2-channel Fixed Audio 

Bologna (2003)

2-channel Fixed Audio

Simply put, Bologna is a short piece about things being processed on a number of different levels and (on one level) the people who eventually enjoy these things.

Bologna - Paul David Thomas
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