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Accordion duo

Composed in 2016.

Written for Croatian accordion Duo Ars, Rondo is a piece for two accordions inspired by the driving rhythms of minimalism and the harmonies and metric complexity of Stravinsky. Polychord harmonies (such as a D major chord over a C major chord) are used frequently to exploit the rich timbre of the two accordions. As the title suggests, this piece follows a 7-part rondo form of ABACABA. 

Rondo - Duo Ars
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Performance History

Lisinski Concert Hall - premiere

Zagreb, Croatia

Duo Ars


Lion's Club Charity Concert

Zagreb, Coratia

Duo Ars


Museum of Contemporary Art 

Zagreb, Croatia

Duo Ars


Vinko Lesic Music Festival

Split, Croatia

Duo Ars

Download the score:
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