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The New Daughters of Texas (2022)

Trombone Choir

Commissioned by the TWU Trombone Choir

This piece uses as inspiration the John Philip Sousa march Daughters of Texas, a march composed in 1929 following a petition by the student body of the College of Industrial Arts, the original name of Texas Woman’s University. The New Daughters of Texas recontextualizes two themes from the original Sousa march, the opening line of the trio and the break strain or “dogfight”, to create a new work that is both referential to the past and looking forward to new horizons.

The Rules Have to Change (2019)

Concert Band​

Commissioned by the TWU Wind Symphony

Rondo, Clarinet Choir version (2018)

Clarinet Choir​

Clockwork (2018)

Flute Choir

Rondo (2016)

Accordion Duo 

Rondo is a piece for two accordions inspired by the driving rhythms of minimalism and the harmonies and metric complexity of Stravinsky. Polychord harmonies (such as a D major chord over a C major chord) are used frequently to exploit the rich timbre of the two accordions. As the title suggests, this piece follows a loose 7-part rondo form of ABACABA. 

Echo Chamber (2016)

Clarinet Quartet 

Commissioned by the Miami Clarinet Quartet

Bruegel Sketches (2014)
SCI Journal of Music Scores Vol. 61

Bass Clarinet and Accordion - score

Each miniature is inspired by a different painting by the Flemish Renaissance painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The score varies between traditional notation and graphic score depending on the desired effect of each miniature. Improvisation plays an important role in miniatures 2, 4, 5 and requires the performers to listen and interact with each other in a variety of ways.


Premiered April 24, 2014 at Dallas Baptist University by bass clarinetist Rachel Yoder and the composer on accordion.

Two Manifestations (2012)

cl, bsn, tpt, tbn, vln, cb, perc - score

Two Manifestations - Dallas Festival of Modern Music
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The Fallow Ground (2011)

Pierrot ensemble and baritone solo 

The Anxious Seat (2010)

Pierrot ensemble - score

The Anxious Seat - Paul David Thomas
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Awaken (2009)

chamber ensemble and dance

Filament (2008)

flute and crystal glasses

Filament is a short piece for flute and crystal glasses that explores the relationship between the two instruments within a limited field of pitches. The two instruments create musical threads that delicately interweave in and out of one another.

SWAP - Rachel Yoder and Ming-Jin Suen
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SWAP (2007)

B-flat clarinet and marimba - score

Ascension - John Sampen and Jessica Simms
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Ascension (2005)

alto saxophone duo - score

Combustible - Short A Quartet
00:00 / 00:00
Combustible (2003)

saxophone quartet 

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