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B-flat clarinet and marimba

Duration: 8 min.

Composed in 2007/revised 2010

This piece calls for the performer to make a number of critical decisions that determine the shape of the piece. In letters C-F, the performers choose their own path through a network of musical fragments (a musical choose your own adventure). In sections H2, I2, J2, K2, L1, and L2 the performers are to play any of the gestures located in the large box in any order for the duration of the section. It is recommended that with each improvised section, the performer fill up the space with more gestures leading to a climax at L1/L2 when both performers are playing at their most active/interactive. When improvising, always listen to the other performer.

Performance History

Spectrum Concert - premiere

University of North Texas | Denton, TX

Rachel Yoder, clarinet, and Brady Spritz, marimba


New Music Concert

Modern Art Museum | Ft. Worth, TX

Rachel Yoder, clarinet, and Ming-Jen Suen, marimba

Download the score:
SWAP - Paul David Thomas
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