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Accordion and computer (Max/MSP)

Composed in 2016.

An asperity is an area on a fault that is stuck and is usually the location where an earthquake begins. Asperity can also mean a roughness of sound or surface. In this piece, the accordion’s microtonal idiosyncrasies and its unique ability to create difference tones and beating effects are exploited, fracturing notes and intervals in increasingly perceptible ways.

Winner of the 2016-2017 NACUSA Texas Composition Competition.

Performance History

NACUSA Texas Conference - premiere

University of the Incarnate Word | San Antonio, TX

Paul Thomas, accordion, and computer

SCI National Conference

Western Michigan University | Kalamazoo, MI

Paul Thomas, accordion, and computer

SCI Region VII Conference

Arizona State University| Tempe, AZ

Paul Thomas, accordion, and computer

Seeds of Asperity - Paul David Thomas
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